Dinner Time with a Hungry Brown Thrasher

Intro by Chamira Young / Photos by Deborah Sandidge

In today's post we're proud to feature the work of photographer Deborah Sandidge. Deborah is a passionate professional photographer and Nikon Ambassador, specializing in world travel and artistic imagery. She recently integrated her Platypod while capturing some stunning images of a hungry thrasher while in the process of feeding on some mealworms. The best part is that it was from her very own office window! It's a prime example that creativity is everywhere as long as you look for it, whether you're traveling across the globe or hunkered down at home.

Check out her behind-the-scenes shot below, demonstrating her setup. She was using her Nikon Z 7II, her NIKKOR 500 PF lens, and her Platypod.

And below are the final images. Check out the amazing detail she was able to get!

Check out more of Deborah's work at DeborahSandidge.com