Calibration techniques with Eddie Tapp

Words by Eddie Tapp - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


“It is the 'refinements' that make a real difference: tweaking the lighting, angle, using a tilt shift lens for the focal plane (as on other images that show the far side of the display out of focus)... This project is going into an article I’m working on where I’ll be discussing color management."

As I’m working on multiple projects most of the time, I set this up several weeks prior to making the final image… the nice thing is I set this up on a 3rd display/computer so I was able to leave the Platypod eXtreme set up on my desk right next to my master workstation until the onset of projects cleared and was able to finally get this done (my wife loaned me her eXtreme for my travel prior to getting the image). Platypod gear takes up such little real estate, whether that be in your camera bag or setup in a room for a time lapse style shoot or something of the like. Here I combined the eXtreme with a Platypod Handle, ball head, Platypod Disc, Platypod Elbow, Platypod Goosenecks, a Super Mini Clamp and a few LumeCube Panel Pros.

The small piece of mirror flex was adding a “kiss” of light on the bottom, just enough to accent it’s curved shape. The main light was lighting the front, and the backlight was set to a blue hue as I love to add a splash of color.

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