Embarking on a Monarch Chrysalis Journey

Intro by Chamira Young

Recently, Skip Cohen demonstrated a great way he used his Platypod to witness the emergence of a beautiful monarch butterfly from its chrysalis. With the additional help of his goosenecks and two Litra Torch 2.0s, he was able to gain access to an angle he otherwise would not have easily had access to! We've always said the Platypod is the master at helping photographers take advantage of unusual angles, and today's post is a prime example of that concept. Check out blog post excerpt below, and be sure to read the full post here.

It's a Girl!

by Skip Cohen

​Lately, what I love most about this industry is the challenge of how much I have yet to learn. With each challenge comes a new set of lessons. Yesterday it was practice makes perfect - but as my good buddy, Roberto Valenzuela, reminds his students, only if you practice it right.

While there were a few things I did right, the more significant mistakes were what I did wrong. I was so focused on doing a time-lapse series for the first time that I missed the big picture and should have just shot video. It's only 5-10 minutes once the action starts.

I was down to the wire on this chrysalis attached near the underside of a concrete bench in our backyard. I had problems setting up the camera, but three calls later, another good buddy, Shiv Verma, came through. 

I shot in "P" mode because I was in between doing a podcast and a conference call and didn't have time to think through the journey I was about to embark on. However, the Platypod set up with the goosenecks, and two Litra Torch 2.0s was perfect. I was able to get under the chrysalis.



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