eXtreme and Elite captures with the Platyball, Platypod and Dave Williams

Words by Eryka Bagwell

Van-life can be one of the most efficient ways to travel the world and take in some really beautiful captures. One such capture I've been looking forward to featuring are the aurora borealis shots from our friend and fellow photographer Dave Williams. He loves the cold weather, northern lights and was recently in Swedish Lapland celebrating Christmas. Over the weekend, he captured some really beautiful shots in -20 degree weather that we were eager to share.

Remember that when you're searching for your subject it is important to consider that you don't have to travel that far off the road (especially if you're not familiar with the area) to capture a truly stunning final photo.

To assist him with this shot, Dave had his Platypod eXtreme and Platyball Elite and after trying 10 second ISO 9000 and switching over to 6 second ISO 6400 2.8 and adjusting his focus he was able to achieve the photo he was hoping for with a crisp finish. 

To view more of Dave Williams work visit his website, his YouTube channel, His personal Facebook page, Platypod Official Users Group on Facebook and his Instagram page

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