eXtreme Panning through Elite landscapes with Dave Williams

Words by Dave Williams
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Ever since I first held the Platyball Elite I was intrigued at its ingenious design. It’s a re-invented ball head, turned on its head to allow stable panning. I’ve put it to the test a few times but on a recent trip to Iceland I've since found a perfect location to use the Platyball Elite and Platypod eXtreme in tandem to capture a sweeping landscape.

Iceland is my favorite country on earth and it’s packed full of incredible vistas. This particular location, at the end of a twisting, gravel mountain road, is Iceland’s second highest waterfall, Haífoss. A short hike at the end of the road leads to several spots that give spectacular views of the waterfall and the river that flows from it, and it’s this view I decided to take advantage of.

Finding a suitable location to place my Platypod eXtreme was fairly easy. Balancing it by using the four spiked screw-feet to adjust the height of each corner to match the terrain was quick and easy, meaning I had more time to think creatively thanks to the fast setup time. I mounted my camera in portrait orientation and planned to shoot a panorama from right to left. The reason I mounted the camera in portrait orientation is to have the maximum pixel height in the panorama.

My shots from right to left were overlapped by about a third, giving plenty of reference points for the panorama blend when I got back to the computer. I needed four shots in this instance which were merged in Adobe Lightroom and I processed the image there and in Adobe Photoshop to achieve my desired result.

The ability to pan the camera on the Platyball Elite without changing any other configuration, giving a flat pan based on the design, is a complete game-changer. The standard ball head often results in a tilt when panning because the entire rig must be moved but the Platyball removes all of that with its upside-down design, giving a perfect pan. It’s such a simple difference, but it has an enormous impact on creativity. I’m keen to see what comes off the Platypod drawing board next!

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