Recreating a Famous Fairy Hoax Image with Riley Arthur

Words and Photos by Riley Arthur - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Fairies that were caught on camera in 1917 are a part of history often referred to as "The Cottingley Fairies."

The final image (above) was captured by professional photographer (and Platypod Pro), Riley Arthur, who shares her insights on the fairies that were caught on camera (by Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright) and she reveals that fairies are still playing with children today (if only you know where to look).

"Several years ago in Cottingley, England, Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright used to play in the woods and a local stream (in the back of their parents property). Their parents would also see the girls coming home muddy (and clearly having played in the stream as well) and ask them where they were all day. 'We went to see the fairies' the girls would respond. One day, Elsie had a brilliant idea and (unbeknownst to her at the time) this idea would deceive the world for several decades to come. She decided to borrow her father's camera (a Midg quarter plate handheld) and bring that along with them to the stream that day. After sharing these captures with Elsie's mother, she subsequently brought the captures to a theosophical society meeting who embraced the images as 'supernatural proof' of the existence of fairies."

"For this capture, I wanted to recreate this famous hoax in my backyard and if you're hoping to do the same, you're in luck. Watch my video tutorial on YouTube for some additional tips and tricks. Be sure to like, subscribe and share if you found my tips and tricks featured in this video useful. My friends at Platypod post a short video each Sunday boasting new ways to use your rig that you're sure to find helpful." 

"My goal was to capture two unique setups. The first I employed the use of my Platypod Grip on my Peak Design Travel tripod. For the second setup, I reached for my Platypod Influencer SmartStart Kit. This allowed me, not only to get closer to the ground but, also to help achieve what may have been a fairy perspective of the girls, which felt just right for this specific recreation."  



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