Finding a Solution for the Corner of a Deck with Neil and Susan Silverman

Words by Neil and Susan Silverman
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"There was no way to capture the view without the deck rail cutting off a large section of the overview.  Without the Platypod, we would have no other place to stand other than rappelling off the deck—and that was not about to happen.  That corner of the deck did not warrant the use of our tripod. It was awkward and just could not be placed correctly and again, did not enable the capture of the coast in the way that we wanted.  The 'feet' grabbed solidly onto the rail and we were able to compose the shot we wanted, as well as block off the flare of the ocean and sun, because the camera was steady, safe and sturdy on the Platypod."

"We live on the Coast of California and we enjoy having the Platypod in our backpack when we hike and do not have the need to carry our heavy tripod all the time. We use the Platypod for landscape, macro, food photography, and travel photography, but now we realize we have a new implement in our Real Estate Photography Toolbag."

To view more of Neil and Susan's work visit their website and also be sure to check out their latest works on Instagram. They can also be found on Facebook.


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