Finish the Fight... with Jesse Feyereisen

Words by Jesse Feyereisen
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Finish the Fight…
Sometimes you plan a shot over days, weeks, even months. Other times, you luck out and an idea just comes to you. Then you crank it out right away.
I thought of a quick action scene. I grabbed a Master Chief (7" Halo figure) and headed to the park. Propped up the figure using a Platypod Mini Super Clamp and Gooseneck for stability. I dug a little pit in the volleyball sand to get my camera down low while mounted on the New Platypod eXtreme and Platyball Elite Ballhead. Put a Ruggard rain cover over the camera to protect it from sand. Using my phone to trigger remotely, I stood behind the figure and repeatedly kicked sand at Master Chief until I got the shot I wanted.
In post, I used Photoshop and Boris FX Optics (thanks for the challenge by the way ; P) with it’s new particle generator to enhance my practical effects with some added particle explosion FX. Finished off in Lightroom with some color grading and final crop!
A couple of images snapped behind the scenes of this final capture are below.