From Flat to Fab Close-ups with Platypod and Rick Sammon

Words by Rick Sammon
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


Like close-up photography? You can go - easily - from flat shots to fab shots with a few Platypod products, which are in my new Rick Sammon Platypod Close-up Bundle.
This affordable kit includes: Platypod Extreme, Platypod Disc, 2 goosenecks sets , Benro IN00 Ball Head, Lume Cube RGB Panel Pro and Lume Cube 2.0.
I took both of these photographs with my Canon EOS R6 and 50mm macro lens (w/R adaptor). Compare the vivid, sharp shot to the dull, low-contrast natural light shot. As you can see, and as always, light is a key element in every photograph. 
Here’s a quick close-up tip: Depth-of-field is EXTREMELY limited in close-up photography. Therefore, even at f/22 your depth-of-field can be shallow. Take a shot, zoom in on your photograph on your camera’s LCD monitor, and check your focus. Remember: everything looks good on the small screen
Have fun with my kit and with your close-up photography. Get your Rick Sammon Close-Up Bundle (for a limited time) at the low cost of $349 (that's a total savings of $186)!!

To view more work from Rick Sammon visit his website by clicking here and to purchase your Rick Sammon Close Up Bundle visit our website by clicking here.