Grand Views from the Grand Canyon with Bob Coates

Intro by Chamira Young

In today's post, we feature the work of photographer Bob Coates. While it may be difficult for some of us to travel given the current restrictions with the pandemic, we can still appreciate the amazing work of other photographers. It's all about staying inspired as we plan for the future, especially with 2021 right around the corner! Check out Bob's work below as he uses his Platypod to get an amazing shot of the Grand Canyon!

Grand Views from the Grand Canyon with Bob Coates

Text and photos by Bob Coates

As you know, the Grand Canyon offers fabulous views at almost every turn. The wind was whipping. The low angle enabled by the Platypod allowed the camera to be steady and close to the ground.

The Setup:

Undoing the snaps and taking off my Peak Design camera strap gave even less wind resistance. As a bonus, being so low to the ground led to the foreground being an element framing the canyon view. Below is the final image!

The Final Result:

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