HAVE YOU HEARD? We have new YouTube Video Content for our Community

Words by Eryka Bagwell

If you haven't already heard from our community of fellow creatives, we've updated our YouTube Channel! We're in the process of rebranding our channel to focus on subjects that help you get the most out of your Platypod gear. 

We understand that change can be difficult. So below we've explained a bit more about each of our color coded categories below (along with the color associated) to help you navigate our channel at-a-glance for the videos that you want to see.

 Photo Types 
First, we'd like to discuss Photo Types. This category (as you can imagine) will feature various photography specific categories (i.e. Food, Macro, Toy and more!) hosted primarily by our Platypod Pros Dave Williams and Kersten Luts. They will highlight specific mistakes, suggestions (and other tips) to help improve your Photo Type final captures. The Photo Type category thumbnail will always be listed in red (as determined by our YouTube header 'legend'). If you're searching for new ways to use your Platypod gear in your specific photography genre, this would be the spot to locate that content.


 Platypod Gear  
The second category is Platypod Gear which will feature specific pieces of gear and more about how they can be used, various ways that you can configure them and more. This category will have videos listed in orange.


 Platypod Promo 
This category (as its named), will feature all of our promos/commercials for each of our products. This category will have videos listed in yellow.


 Platypod Manual 
These types of videos will highlight the functions of each piece of gear that we produce, an instructional (of sorts). We also aim to address various discrepancies that you might run into when using your gear (like trouble locking or unlocking the Platyball Elite). This category will have videos listed in grey.

 Platypod Webinar 
This category will have videos listed in teal and will be replays of our KelbyOne announcements, conferences and events. In these types of videos, we'll discuss ways to use your gear, we will make new product and Kickstarter announcements, we'll share behind-the-scenes (BTS) captures and chat with some of the professionals that are in the know and keep Platypod in their bag at all times.

 Platypod Perspectives 
Last, but certainly not least, is the Platypod Perspectives. This category will have videos listed in purple and will highlight the professionals that use Platypod as part of their professional gear setup. We will offer insights of how to use our gear and will often provide the professionals suggestions as well!


We are excited to introduce this new section of our business with our loyal customer base to help support them in new ways that they may have felt amiss about in the past. We hope to see you there!

If there is a specific piece of content that you'd like to learn more about please reach out to our 'Social Media Elf' at Social@platypod.com and/or Service@platypod.com and we'll do our best to get that recorded and into rotation on our channel!

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