How Can You Use Platypod Gear In Your Photo/Video/Vlogging Business?

Words by Scott Bourne - Platypod Pro - See My Work At
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

There are many, many ways to use a Platypod and/or the other products made by Platypod. I took a poll of some of Platypod customers, and have jotted down some ideas here. You are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. But it might motivate you to check out's online store!

Here are just some of the ways, Platypod customers use their gear.

One uses it to shoot at floor level (a common use for Platypods) and another tied to benches or railings at the lake.

Any kind of low-level shot can benefit from a Platypod because there is no center column to get in the way.

You can tie a Platypod to pretty much anything using one of the Platypod straps - even the top of a trash can.

Platypods can pretty much go wherever tripods go. Some Platypod customers use the gear to photograph star trails, to photograph running water, to hold the camera for panoramic photography (Another super popular use of the combo of the Platypod and Platyball.)

Several Platypod customers use the gear to photograph toys on table tops (including me.)

It's also very well suited to macro. There the possibilities to hold both camera AND lights are endless.

Any sort of product or table-top or still life photography can be done using Platypod gear and more easily than using traditional tripods.

Platypods are also great for use with smart phone cameras like the one on the iPhone. The iPhone has a remote app for photographers who use iPhone PLUS Apple Watch. You can set up a remote camera using Platypod and then stand back and fire away using the watch as a trigger.

One of Platypod's customers uses the gear instead of using a tripod for certain applications like long exposures (Slow Shutter app or bracketed exposures for later HDR processing).


Believe it or not, I just scratched the surface here. The Platypod, Platyball and other accessories from the Platypod family are incredibly useful and versatile. Don't leave home without it.


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