How To Use The Platypod Strap

Words by Scott Bourne
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

One of the things that makes the Platypod so versatile is the use of the Platypod Strap to secure the unit to just about anything - fences, goal posts, lamp posts, you name it.

The Platypod like the Platyball is very innovative. Most people who have never used one don't know what they are missing.

To get the most out of the strap, here's a blog post that explains the process.

Place the belt black velcro on the outside of your loop pass the end of the strap through the two metal rings which are called double d-rings. Then pull back the velcro and you've got your basic hold.

To get a tighter hold, after after you go through to the two rings pass over the first ring then under the second one and then you can put this as far down the line as you want even if you end up going past the velcro.

The more tension you put on it the tighter the grip of the rings. To store the strap, unwind back to where you were just trough the two rings and then
pull back so the end of the velcro of the hook part of velcro is past the loop part of the velcro. Then you can store it or you can pass a carabiner through the Rings and hang it from a belt or strap.

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