Ice Cave Adventures with Kris Andres

Photos and words by Kris Andres

I am an adventurist that has traveled around the world and can't spend enough time outside! I really, really love the cold, (said with way too much enthusiasm). As long as I am in my mountains I am happy. My small circle of friends and I will set objectives that will be multi sport days, from pack rafting to biking to summiting multi peaks a day.  

As winter is my favorite season, it brings me treats like this cave where we ski or snowshoe or even climb up for the sake of adventure. We never know what we will find, so we bring everything from hockey skates to dresses. 

These images with the extreme environment and human element are totally inspired by fantastic humans like Elizabeth Gadd and Paul Zizka. I have been really wanting to capture Lizzy in her amazing magical poses, but in my icy element! 

Whenever we come across these treasures the first thing is always safety, as these are active glaciers and can collapse and offer endless other hazards. Getting hurt on one could be fatal, as we are in very remote and wild places. Once the safety checks are done, the fun begins. First, we have a quick group discussion and brainstorm ideas to shoot. Then, we start building and doing our thing. 

After walking around a bit (and actually skating and playing bit of hockey in the ice cave), we found the shot. Lizzy would go high and I would go very low, as it would bring out the impact of how massive these caves are. And Lizzy would flash the red dress and whimsical poses in order to show the story of two worlds. 

First, we got the composition down and secured the Platypod with ice screws.

Then, it was time for Lizzy to embrace the cold. After promising chocolate and my warm jacket, we got to work! Below are the resulting images.

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