Iceland and the Platyball Elite with James Corbett

Words by James Corbett
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

While many of us have Iceland as a bucket list destination, not many of us are prepared to drive 2,600 miles over 3 weeks to explore all the coasts and fjords around the island nation. James Corbett has been using Platypod products in his travel, nature and fine art photography for years and was excited when the Kickstarter campaign launched and he'd have an opportunity to order the Platyball. He was delighted by its arrival in time for his big trip. He prefers to call himself a "lens-based artist" to avoids the whole discussion of post-processing. His goal (while creating images) is to land spots in gallery shows and acceptances in art festivals where he can market directly to collectors. For Iceland, his focus was to make art from a tripod and make ample use of neutral density filters and other creative techniques. The Platyball was a pivotal tool in meeting these goals. He credits its ease of use, one-handed control and quick, precision positioning for making the trip go smoothly. He is very pleased with the art he created on this trip. For the fall Professional Photographers of America (PPA) workshops, he is putting a program together on travel photography in Iceland and mastering techniques for a bucket list adventure. These include long exposure, intentional camera movement, post-processing, and composition.

Be sure to check back on our blog we will be posting the dates that James will be teaching at PPA this fall so you can sign up and learn these techniques first hand. 

Some of his shots from Iceland are showcased in this post and others can be viewed on his website and social media sites. To read more about James Corbett visit his website at

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