Images that Sell with Jim Doyle

Words by Jim Doyle
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Jim Doyle has been a commercial photographer for over 30 years. Currently, his business Applied Photography, is focused on production & custom home builders, commercial builders and architects in the Western US. Jim also regularly conducts seminars and is a part-time instructor of photography at Rancho Santiago College in Orange, CA. 

"The client wanted a straight on shot from the kitchen showing the dining and living area. We used the Platypod Extreme and the Platyball. These products give us the ability to place our camera in places we can’t put our tripod and the leveling system in the Platyball is SPOT ON! They have become an integral part of our kit."
Jim Doyle


To view more of Jim Doyle's work visit his website here and to pre-order and save on your Platypod eXtreme (and or purchase your Platyball Elite or Ergo) visit our website.