Platypod and Impossibly Low Food Photography Angles with Andrew Scrivani

Words by Eryka Bagwell


For most people, the cheeseburger acts as a catalyst for the summertime barbecue season. However, for many others that turn to a sustainable alternative to meat consumption, the Impossible burger is typically the first 'name brand' meal that comes to mind. 

In this shot by Andrew Scrivani we get an impossibly low angle of this delectable and hearty burger. Here, Andrew's combined the Platypod eXtreme, an iPhone and the LumeCube Panel Pro LED to capture the full mouthwatering treat in all it's beauty. 

Andrew says... "I made this shot @puregritBBQ and it's their @impossible_foods queso burger. I shot this with my iPhone mounted on a @platypodtripods and lit with a @lumecube Panel Pro LED." 

To view more of Andrew's work be sure to visit his website or his Instagram page by clicking the respective links.

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