In an unstable world, I reach for my eXtreme...

Words by Eryka Bagwell

"In an unstable world, it's great to know I can reach for my eXtreme and find all the stability I need to tell my visual story."  - Moose Peterson

Moose Peterson is no stranger to our Platypod Family of products, he is a friend and long time backer of many of our products. We have also featured his work in our blog, in the very recent past. We are inspired by his industry experience as well his ingenuity, which allows us to view nature in its most pure form. 

Moose was one of our testers of the eXtreme prototypes before the Kickstarter campaign had been released. He was thrilled by the stability (on all surfaces) and rapid deployment that allowed him to quickly and effectively capture his wildlife subjects. 

Be sure to view more of Moose's work at his website. Also, don't miss your chance to be one of the first artists to call the eXtreme 'your own'. Back our Kickstarter campaign today by visiting this link