Infrared Plus Low Angle with Bob Coates and his Platypod Ultra

Words and Photos by Bob Coates

While out on a scouting mission for a Milky Way photograph in Sedona, Arizona, I found this little scene. The time of day was difficult for standard color photography. That’s where infrared is a bonus and can excel. The arch called to me for a low angle with a fisheye lens. 


Below is my Platypod Ultra setup with closed cell foam for kneeling comfortably, along with my Westcott 20 inch reflector: 

And here is my Platypod Ultra with my 20 inch Westcott Reflector:  

Because I had the Platypod Ultra attached to my bag, I was able to quickly get a super low angle with no muss or fuss. If I were to try and get that low angle shot with a normal tripod, the legs would have been showing! The camera I used is a Lumix GH4 converted to infrared (720NM filter) by LifePixel. 

I also used the Olympus M.Zukio 8mm f/1.8 fisheye lens on my Platypod Ultra with the screw feet in place. I needed the 20 inch Westcott reflector with a black cover to shield the fisheye lens from the sun.

I enjoyed the final results! Check out the fisheye lens infrared captures below.


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