Interior Design with Jim Doyle and his Pre-Production Platyball

Today we're featuring the work of architectural, residential, and commercial photographer Jim Doyle from Applied Photography. He used his pre-production Platyball to get a stunning interior design shot! Read on to hear how Jim set everything up.

In Jim's own words: 

"I lit the scene with four Flashpoint 400 Pros, 7”reflectors and our special type of diffuser. The challenge was getting the Platypod to stay level with the head and camera in that position. The Canon M3 + a Tamron 15-30mm that I used for this shot weighed 5 lbs. So, I used a 5 lbs sandbag from Samy’s and hooked it on the 1/4” screw to stabilize it. And as you can see, it was placed on an small table."

The Setup shot with Platypod and Platyball:


The Final Image:

To see more of Jim's work, visit Applied Photography