Irish Doonagore Castle Capture with Cathy Weatherston

Words and Photos by Cathy Weatherston - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell




"A friend of mine, Tony Harmer from the UK came over to visit me in Ireland for a few days. He brought his own Platypod eXtreme with him. Tony had purchased his Platypod from me when I was helping sell them at the Platypod booth a few years back at The Photography Show in the NEC Birmingham, UK."

"The weather wasn’t great on the day we had planned this shoot. It was windy and wet but, with the Platypod, the wind wasn’t a problem at all. The spikes held the Platypod (with the Platyball Elite affixed on top) in place with ease allowing for a long exposure capture."   

"The reel (seen above) was the first one. In the reel below, Tony and I are using the non-slip silicone mat (from the NEW! Multi Accessory Kit) on the roof of his car to be able to photograph Doonagore Castle from the road which leads down to it."  




"The final reel will highlight 'The Cliffs of Moher'. We were loosing light with a lot of cloud cover so, out came the Platypod again." 

 "My Platypod rig is always in my camera bag and my go to when I'm seeking a unique low angle perspective and/or a sturdy base (despite the landscape; be it on rock, sand, grass or otherwise). 

To view more of Cathy's fantastic Irish landscape and wedding photography captures you can follow her on Instagram.



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