The Final Countdown - eXtreme Kickstarter Ends at Midnight PST

Image copyright Skip Dickstein. All rights reserved.
As I've said so many times in the fast, the real fun of this industry is in the friendships that come out of everyone's love for the craft. Meet a new pal, Skip Dickstein. As an award-winning photojournalist, his work has been published all over the world. Through a few phone calls and sharing a mutual good friend, wedding photographer, Joe Elario, I was introduced to Skip's work.
This past Saturday, at Chuchill Downs, he photographed the Kentucky Derby with the help of my NEW Platypod eXtreme. Sent to Skip to "test drive" for the race, I was able to get it to him in time.
You can check out more of Skip's work with a visit to his website and galleries!
The Kickstarter for Platypod eXtreme ends at midnight PST today. It's an amazing product and your opportunity for substantial savings for June or August delivery, before being available at retail for $149.00.
Check out the complete campaign, product reviews and several outstanding videos with a click on the eXtreme vs Max comparison below.