Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy with Jason Stevens and KelbyOne

Words by Jason Stevens
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Jason Stevens is the Director at KelbyOne.com and was introduced to Platypod by Scott Kelby.  He told us that Scott has shown him the versatility of this tool, and he has since have fallen in love with it.  

"We recently shot a class for KelbyOne in Italy.  When I was done working, I set out with a goal to capture something special.  I have seen lots of pictures of the famous Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy.  How could I capture something unique that no one else has shot before?  After scouting the area on both sides of the bridge, I saw I had access to a stairway down to the water.  The steps were covered with slippery moss.  I put the spikes on the Platypod Max and angled the camera just above the water line.  The first shot I took was a 30 second exposure to get the water all smooth and glassy.  Also, the long exposure eliminated several moving tourists on the bridge.  The second shot was a quick exposure of a Gondola cruising by with a perfect gesture from the Gondolier.  Since, the Platypod created a stable level for the camera on this slippery stair, I was able to combine both shots in photoshop."  

"I love how the final photograph turned out and I believe I accomplished my goal!  The next step; print this picture and hang it in my living room :)