Jazzing It Up with Platypod Gear and Rick Sammon

Words by Rick Sammon - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


Our friend Rick Sammon, who loves music as much as he loves photography, has come up with a clever way to teach his students cool jazz chords, as well as fancy jazz solos, on the piano. 

He mounts his iPhone onto the new Platypod Grip, which is then attached to a gooseneck that is mounted directly to a Platypod eXtreme. 

For counter balance, Rick mounts a Platyball on the Platypod eXtreme. For extra stability (Rick does not want his iPhone falling on his keyboard), he mounts another Platypod on a gooseneck and attaches it to the opposite side of the Platypod (that is lying flat).

Once all the gear is set up, Rick takes stills or makes videos to share with his students. 

This is a new one for us! Have you come up with a cool way to use Platypod Gear? Let us know, reach out to either Service@platypod.com and/or Social@platypod.com.

Visit with Rick at www.ricksammon.com.

A bonus: If you have not heard Rick play the keyboards, here’s a quick video to get you hopping! 



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