Jesse Feyereisen with a quick and Toy setup and shoot

Words by Jesse Feyereisen - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

We always appreciate seeing the creative ways that Jesse Feyereisen stages his shoots and finishes them in post. Here we see him utilizing our Platypod eXtreme to ensure a sturdy and stable base on the soil. 

"Hang in there kid…not much farther to go."

"Our favorite Mandalorian and little companion off on another adventure. Quick little setup out back with this small, but mighty, big headed figure from Beast Kingdom. Attached my camera directly to a Platypod eXtreme do get right down on the ground to get eye to eye with the figure. With natural light and bit of Atmosphere Aerosol I took some shots."

"In post it was just a matter of removing a few distracting plants in Photoshop, adding a bit of a lens flare with Boris FX Optics, and then some color grading and finishing touches in Lightroom."

This is the way...

To view more of Jesse's work, visit his Instagram page and/or his website.

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