Jim Graham - Platypod in Steeplechase Horse Racing

Words by Jim Graham
Edited by Eryka Bagwell
( Images copyright Jim Graham. All rights reserved. )

"For years I've been using the original Platypod Pro.  It’s great! And really necessary for this type of work. I’m dealing with a 3.5 mile race. Typically, we’ll see a horse jump a fence twice during a race. You’re lucky to have two fences near enough to get clean head-on action. Not to mention, it’s a 1/4 to 1/2 mile sprint to the finish, in this particular race to get to the last fence in time for the jump."
"My main camera has been a D5 with a 200mm-500mm as well as a D4 (as the remote).  But, with the advent of the Z9 I’ve used that as the main and the D5 as the remote, with a D850 as a secondary remote on a tripod at a different elevated angle."
"While the courses are trimmed they have higher grass closer to the fence.  The legs/spikes that come with the product are really important. Honestly, they could be even longer."
"The important thing is that with the support I can make more imagery that I normally wouldn’t be able to make. The Platypod is an invaluable tool for this type of photography."
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