Kentucky Oaks Derby Race with Platypod Handle and Skip Dickstein

Words by Skip Dickstein - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Platypod Ambassador, Skip Dickstein put his Platypod Handle to the test at the Derby for the Kentucky Oaks race. While there were many tripod setups, Skip boasted how much he loves the way that you can modify and extend the height of the Handle (to a max 10.5" tall) and to its smaller height (a minimum of 3"). 

"I felt like I had an advantage over other tripod setups because I had the rapid extension options available with my Platypod Handle. I was also able to easily pan for a variety of capture angles."

This is an affordable piece of gear that everyone could benefit from having in their tool kit. 

"Anyone that does remote work should purchase the lightweight, affordable and compact Platypod Handle to extend their setup. It is easily connected to all standard photography gear. I attach the Handle it up to my Platypod Tripod and allows me to achieve composition that wouldn't have otherwise been possible."

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