Lake Powell with Bob Coates

Words and Text Bob Coates

Back in August I was starting my boondocking (AKA car-camping) trips and made my way up to the shores of Lake Powell near Page, Arizona. I had sussed out where the sun was going to rise between the rocks across the lake by checking with the App Photo Pills. 

Rising before the sun, I set up my Lumix GX85 in time-lapse mode. I liked the angle I was able to get with the Platpod right on the sand. Having a flip or articulated screen helps when you have the camera mounted that low. While the GX85 was working, I used my Fotopro Eagle tripod with the Lumix G9 to capture other compositions.

I find myself more productive having the second lightweight camera support in the Platypod. I usually end up being able to get about 3 times as many usable images from sessions when I work this way.