Lake Race with Skip Cohen

Words by Skip Cohen - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"A few weeks ago, we headed over to Benderson Park to watch one of the rowing tournaments taking place. Once there we met up with some friends of ours, Kristen Jensen (professional photographer and former Panasonic LUMIX Ambassador) and Tom Kitt."

"Nathan Benderson Park features a 400-acre lake where world-class rowing events are held throughout the year." 

"I had my iPhone 14 Pro, a Platypod eXtreme, Handle and the NEW Platypod Grip in my camera bag. We were lucky and the team was able to give us access to the sixth floor observation deck, which is nothing really other than an open area."

"Once upstairs, I realized there was nothing to put my rig on! Even the railing was angled. But then I remembered the eXtreme and with a little testing it came through! It was the perfect setup for a selfie while enjoying the event. While the image won't win any awards, it was an award-winning day to watch the races and capture a few memories. It's pretty remarkable what our phones today can capture!"

To read more from Skip, visit his website.