The Auburn vs UGA game with Lee Heard

Words and Photos by Lee Heard - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"More often than not, the baseline at NCAA basketball games is typically very crowded, and usually, there is assigned seating at each end of the court. The problem with this is: how do you effectively shoot both teams at the same time without relying on down-court shots that primarily just show players' backs? Most NCAA colleges will not let photographers place remote cameras behind the backboard, even if you shoot for larger publications. The solution is the Platypod Extreme. The Platypod is strong enough to support even the heaviest full-frame cameras but small and light enough to pack away in your camera bag. I simply put the Platypod Extreme on the ground behind the left side of the backboard on the opposite end of the court. I then let the Nikon Z9's auto-capture work on its own to capture images of players going in for a layup or a slam dunk. This essentially makes it possible for you to do the job of two photographers at once. This comes in handy when you are photographing both teams for multiple publications and do not have a second shooter available."

To view more of Lee's work visit his Instagram page here and you can also see works by visiting his website here.


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