Liam Tain and SplashSplash the turtle

Words by Liam Tain
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"I'm sharing this image because not because it's technically amazing, (national geographic won't be calling about this one), but because it's taken me 3 YEARS to catch, and I'm excited to have finally done it (as are my kids)."

The backstory:
"There are several ponds, streams and a lake at our apartment complex. When we moved here 3 years ago, we were walking our Husky, and we saw a turtle in a pond (later to find out there are 3 turtles living between 2 of the ponds) and my kids love it. Ever since, I've been constantly trying to catch an image of the turtles. Somehow they always know I'm approaching and they quickly disappear before I can get back with my camera and snap a shot. This morning we finally caught this guy sunning himself! It's been 3 years and one of these elusive buggers have finally been caught on camera!"

"My youngest lovingly named the turtle in my final capture "Splash Splash" (he always seems to name turtles he sees with some sort of “Splash”)."

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