Lightweight and Durable Phone Photography Setup with Riley Arthur

Words by Riley Arthur
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

I've always hated lugging heavy gear around to shoots, events, and travel. Inevitably I end up favoring a single lens, feeling encumbered behind a tripod and hauling around more gear than I use- or the opposite not carrying everything I should too a shoot. So it was no coincidence that I took to phone photography and the ease of much lighter, more portable gear. In the last three years, I've become seriously invested in phone photography, I even wrote a book on it, but that's another story. 

Platypod makes great compact, lightweight but not flimsy gear. In this shoot, taken in my front yard in San Diego on an overcast day, I shot bees. I used the Moment Macro lens. Wanting a low-profile tripod, the Platypod Ultra Flat Camera Tripod paired with the Platypod Jellyfish Tripod Mount made the perfect setup. Then I had to wait for the decisive moment, and if only the bees were more cooperative models!

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