Mando handing off Beskar to be forged into armor with Jesse Feyereisen

Words by Jesse Feyereisen - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"I was recently able to get a copy of a sixth scale Armorer from The Mandalorian on sale a few weeks ago and I’m really glad I did! Such a cool character and certainly has a presence whenever onscreen. She looks great on camera and I actually ended up shooting a short sequence of shots and this was the first of the group that I thought I’d share. Sort of a teaser shot before revealing the full character later on."
"On a tabletop I set down a board and placed a bit of kinetic sand down as a floor for the characters. I positioned a sixth scale (12”) Mandalorian and Armorer so Mando was handing off a piece of Beskar to her to forge into armor, or keep for future generations. Above the figures I setup an AD200 flash in a 34” soft box as a key light. Behind the characters I used 2 additional flashes with orange gels inside smaller gridded stripboxes as fill light and to create light from an imaginary metalworking forge that might be just out of frame. Setup my camera and a macro lens on a tripod with a Platyball ballhead, pointed it almost straight down at the characters and fired off some shots."
"In post I started with the usual basic exposure correction in Lightroom. Next, over in Photoshop did a bit of image cleanup, then using Boris FX Optics, I created some sparks, embers, and additional lighting. Finished off back in Lightroom with a color grade."

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