Deck Staining Time Lapse Video with Mark Toal

Photographer Mark Toal recently shared a unique use of his Platypod to create time-lapse video of him staining his deck at home. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Platypod is great for getting into those spaces a normal tripod can't! Mark used it as a perfect solution to set up his camera from a unique vantage point and record the final step of him staining the wood. 

If you don't own a Platypod yet, be sure to check them out here. And read on below as Mark describes his process in detail and shares the final video.

Mark Toal wrote:

I've recently been refinishing the deck on my house and wanted to record the final step of staining the newly sanded wood. I needed a way to set up the camera without a tripod since I didn't have space for a tripod. Instead, I used a bungee cord to secure the Platypod to the deck railing, set my Lumix G9 with the 7-14mm lens to Time Lapse mode and shot a photo every 5 seconds until I was finished.

The camera created the video internally. I then used WiFi to transfer the video to my phone and uploaded it to Facebook and my account. 

Check out the video below.

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