Milkweed and Monarchs with Skip Cohen

Words by Skip Cohen
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Living in Florida, the weather is great for butterflies just about all year long! Especially with Monarchs and milkweed (their favorite meal). We're now seeing Monarchs in our backyard all day long. This morning, I noticed a cluster of little guys chomping away like they were at one of the big buffets in Las Vegas.  Within 10 to 14 days these little guys will move to the next stage - a chrysalis that will then add one more Monarch to the population.
I've learned to have my camera set up all the time, so I can grab it quickly. With lower than usual humidity this morning, I was able to get the shot I wanted right away without waiting for the fog to clear on the lens - it's no fun going from a cool house to the hot and humid outdoors!
Shot with my favorite camera, the LUMIX G9 and 30mm G Macro 1:2.8 lens. And the Platyball Elite, made catching this shot all so easy. Especially when I wanted to drop a tape measure into the shot and have it all set up in seconds. Very minor manipulation using Luminar 4.
What a kick! 

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