Moapa Valley Moon Rise with Platyball Elite and Samantha Kennedy

Words by Samantha Kennedy - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"This was our last night spent out on a mesa in Moapa Valley, Nevada. I was outside of the camper when I noticed the light changing out over the mountains in the distance, checked my PhotoPills app and sure enough the moon was going to rise in about 5 minutes.  I ran in to grab my camera (Nikon Z7ii)  and threw on the 70-200, grabbed my tripod which is already set up with my PlatyBall Elite and started photographing this scene.


"I was taking a series of shots during the moon rise, adjusting my exposure to try and keep the moon from being completely blown out.  Once I had all of the images loaded into Lightroom I knew I wouldn't be able to use the ones where there was no detail in the moon but I didn't just want to delete them.  I selected the 2 images I wanted to try and blend together as layers in Photoshop and then changed the blend mode to screen.  I did some additional editing from there once I had them blended together and saved it back to Lightroom. 

"I attached the 2 images that I merged together in Photoshop."

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