Pet Photography with Monica Royal and Her Platypod

Intro by Chamira Young / Photo and Video by Monica Royal

Today we feature a fun behind-the-scenes video by photographer Monica Royal. While we've featured her macro work before, this time we're going to take a peek at her pet photography skills!

The video below is short (15 seconds!) but sweet, and demonstrates how handy Platypod is for getting those angles low to the ground - especially when you don't feel like getting down on the ground yourself. In photography, angle is everything. It can make the difference between a so-so image, or a dynamic image that pulls you in. After you watch the video, be sure to scroll down and take a look at the final image. Notice the intimate feel the angle gives you with the beloved canine!

The behind-the-scenes video:

The final image:

Check out more of Monica's work on her website!