Montana's Beartooth Scenic Highway with Samantha Kennedy

Words by Samantha Kennedy - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"We are currently in Montana so we took a ride out onto Beartooth Scenic Highway with many stops along the way. At the top it was a chilly 52 degrees!"

"This is taken from one of many overlooks along the way where I was lucky enough to have some large rocks to set up my Platypod eXtreme along with my Platyball Elite.  I can't carry a tripod while exploring with the Harley and they fit right into the saddlebag along with my camera."

"This image was captured using my Nikon 7Zii with the Z24-70 f2.8 lens.  My settings were iso64,34mm, f/11 1/125"


To view more of Samantha's beautiful work you can visit her website and/or her Instagram page.

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