NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Eastern Preliminary 3000 meter Steeplechase with Fran Ruchalski

Words by Fran Ruchalski
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Eastern Preliminary 3000 meter Steeplechase event held at The University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida. I've been lucky enough to cover this event for several universities and their athletes over the years. The NCAA holds an east and west event for outdoor track & field athletes who are the best in their respective regions, and from there, they're invited to the national championships, which this year will be held in Austin, Texas."

"It's a pretty basic setup. I used an ancient, well-used Nikon D3s with a 28-70 2.8 lens on my Platypod Pro. To fire the remote camera, I used old Yongnuo triggers on a Nikon Z6II . It's not a time when you want to use your best equipment because you know it's going to get wet."

"I use my Platypod for sports quite often, but I've also used it for events and news coverage as I am a photojournalist. Since I discovered this group, I've started to use it more. I have to remember to do some BTS photos in the future. I was just lucky I had these still around because I usually crop them out of the final photos."

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