Meet the New Platypod Ultra Commercial Twin Pack!

Our new combo pack enables online educators to secure, stabilize and easily set-up multiple cameras, lights and accessories to offer engaging views for students!

Doubling creative impact possibilities for distance learning, the new Ultra Twin Pack is ideal for strategically setting up multiple cameras, lights and accessories in small spaces. It's been designed specifically for online education applications where teachers might need multiple angles of coverage to show students exactly what's going on, like in a chemistry experiment, cooking class, or musical instrument demo.

The twin pack includes:

  • two Platypod Ultra mounting plates
  • two Platypod silicon rubber pads
  • two 3" spigot adapters 3/8"f to 1/4"f
  • and two 1/4" to 1/4" crossnut adapters

To showcase the unique and creative possibilities of the Ultra Commercial Twin Pack in an educational setting, we made this entertaining use case video below:

Check out the Ultra Commercial Twin Pack now in the Platypod store for $89.00.