Obsolete Tech Series with Gilmar Smith

Words by Eryka Bagwell 

Gilmar Smith a brilliant photographer, educator and long-time friend of Platypod recently began a new self portrait venture where she explores obsolete photography technology and where it brought us to today. In her first Instagram REEL of this series, Gilmar highlights the NIKON EM. She knew just what tools she wanted to use to capture this beautiful self portrait series, she immediately reached for her Platypod Max and Platyball Elite. By using these tools not only was she able to capture all of her low angle needs with the Max but, she was also able achieve a perfect level (with ease) using the LED screen on our Platyball Elite. We hope you enjoy these videos and BTS photos as much as we did! 

To view more of Gilmar's work visit her website here and be sure to follow her instagram page for more by clicking here.

We are still accepting pre orders for our Platyball (both Elite and Ergo) but be sure to order soon because they're flying off of our shelves.