On to our next adventure!

Words by Jesse Feyereisen
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

What better time than now is there to have a little fun and try something a bit different? For this shot, I decided to go for a more stylized look. I placed 3 LED lights and 2 white bounce cards around this sixth scale (12”) Mandalorian figure (with accompanying little Grogu in his pram) with hopes of achieving a more high-key look. I blasted a couple shots of studio smoke for additional haze and ambiance. In post, I started with the usual basic exposure corrections in Lightroom. Once that was completed, I pulled the file into Photoshop where I removed the stand holding up the pram and also used Boris FX: Optics plugin (to add some light leaks in the corner and a stylized chromatic aberration around some of the edges). I completed the look in Lightroom by adding some final edits and color grading.

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