Dreamy Long Exposure at Otaki Falls in Japan with Brian David Casey

Words by Brian David Casey
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"Fawn and I have been enjoying getting back into traveling. In March, we enjoyed some time in Barcelona and while she went to Germany (for work), I stayed back to explore a bit more of Spain. I also had an impromptu excursion trip into France. However, I still need to go through all my photos from that trip."

"I recently visited Japan for another photo shoot which involved a couple of schools I've been photographing since 2011, in Sendai. They had a need to do more booklets and ads so I was happy to go and get the photos they needed. I also got to catch up with two friends in Tokyo (Ginza area) before heading up north for my shoot."

"While I was in Sendai, my assistant drove me to a beautiful waterfall area (Akiu Otaki Falls) before going to a really nice onsen (hot springs) at a resort. It was so good to get back to the onsen way of life in Japan!"

"I could not have captured the images that I did without my Platypod gear. Thanks again for developing such a sturdy product. It really came in handy while getting the long exposure I needed of the waterfall. I added the silicone mat to help prevent the rig from slipping on the slick river rocks."

To view more of Brian's work you can visit his website and or his Instagram page. 

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