Outdoor Macro featuring the Oleander Bloom

Words by Bob Coates
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

If you're planning to photograph in macro, it’s a good idea to have a couple of extra ‘hands’ to hold things in place. Bob recently went out to capture this image of an oleander bloom and explains how he was able to stabilize the flower to avoid any wind/movement in his final capture. He gathered all of his Platypod gear which included the Platypod eXtreme (as the base for the camera) as well as a few additional grip tools (included in the eXtreme Macro Bundle).

"Photographing outside, I've learned you need to hold the subject in place as even the slightest breeze will throw off your image with movement. I used the Mini-Super Clamp at the end of a Gooseneck to gently hold the flower in place. Another tip I'd like to note is that lighting in full sun is an absolute no-no. For this capture, a small Westcott 20 inch scrim is just the ticket for beautiful soft light needed to tame the sun. In order to hold the scrim in just the right position, I used the Platypod Elbow. Both the Elbow and the Gooseneck were mounted on the machined Platypod eXtreme along with the Platypod Elite. With this set-up everything is in one place and easily maneuvered into place."

The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III was the camera with a 60mm Macro lens attached.

To view more of Bob Coates work be sure to visit his website by clicking here. The Platypod eXtreme and the eXtreme Macro bundle along with the Platyball Elite can be found on our website which you can purchase by clicking here.