Photos and Video by Kersten Luts - A Platypod Pro
Words and Editing by Eryka Bagwell



In the fifth part of the LEGO® six part series, Platypod Pro photographer, Kersten Luts, discusses how to use Focus Stacking to achieve crisp and sharp imagery from the foreground through to the background of your final capture.

Here, Kersten covers how to Focus Stack images in just a few simple steps. This amazing technique is an incredible feature which combines several images at different focus points for a crisp final image. The multiple shots taken at various focal points will be combined later in Photoshop for your final capture. Of course the most important step of this process is selecting a tripod and ballhead (locked into position) to ensure there is no movement once you begin shooting your bracketed images. You'll be making store bought toys look like Hollywood masterwork in no time!

To view more of Kersten's content you can visit his podcast, The Camera Shake Podcast on YouTube, his website, his Instagram and his Camera Shake Podcast on Instagram.



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