Platy-Playtime at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with Eryka Bagwell

Words and Photos by Eryka Bagwell


"There is little in this world that can compare to the excitement that a quality vacation has to offer. But when you and your partner share the same thrill seeking, adventurous, playful spirit and you book a trip to your absolute FAVORITE theme park that really up’s the ante on the whole experience!"

"A recent trip to Universal Resort, more specifically, to Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida, was one for the books! Brent and I wanted to ensure that we captured each moment, creative detail and intricacy that these extravagant parks have to offer."

"Before leaving for our trip though, I had a few rather large concerns come to mind. The first being airport TSA security and the second being Universal security screenings. 'Will my Platypod go through security?' I'm sure many of you might have the same concerns about traveling with your Platypod gear. Well, I'm pleased to say that after a brief hold up in the airport (security flagged my gear and pulled me aside), I explained that my rig was photography equipment and demonstrated how it's used. Thankfully, I was cleared there. Then later in the week (once at the parks), my rig was also cleared at Universal security. Phew! That was a relief! Now, through my experience, you know this lightweight professional gear can accompany you on your next family adventure!"

"However, that relief was temporary... there was yet another concern in the forefront of my mind. 'Do the theme parks have large enough lockers to store my Platypod gear while on a ride?' Thankfully, they have two options for guests. 'Family lockers' which you pay a fixed price for the day to store your gear (not ideal for someone like me who wanted to have my rig handy throughout the day) and 'Complimentary lockers' at each ride. Luckily, the 'Free lockers' at each ride were JUST the right size (5" x 12" to be exact) for my drawstring backpack style bag which is seen in the capture below."

"Because he and I were the only two in attendance at the parks that day (and we didn't want to burden other guests asking them to snap ‘said photographs’), I knew that I had to bring along my Platypod Influencer SmartStart Kit. Carrying this kit would allow me to freeze the memories of our time together without later wondering ‘Where was I for that photo? Oh yeah, I was shooting it’. The SmartStart kit combined with a little help from my smartwatch (which connects to my phone to trigger photos and videos from a distance), I was able to achieve all of the close-up and distance photos and videos that one could want in a place as magical as Universal."

"The SmartStart Kit is so versatile, it allowed me to film video while walking through the parks and provided a stable base when mounted on the ground (table, wall or otherwise) for sturdy and stable hands-free captures. The beauty of the Influencer SmartStart Kit is that you don't need to be a professional photographer to use it on your next vacation (or theme park adventure). Spend under a minute piecing together the Platypod Handle onto your Platypod eXtreme and finally adding the Platypod Grip atop will have you saying 'CHEESE' in no time!"

"So, make haste and visit to get your Influencer SmartStart Kit along with any other accessories that pique your interest and capture your next getaway with ease!  Also for a limited time, orders over $350 qualify for even greater discounts using their Platypod Instant Loyalty Rebates program. Click here to learn more."



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