A perfect blend of Platypod and Lume Cube products

Intro by Skip Cohen
Words by Jesse Feyereisen
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

While the fun of this industry is in the friendships that grow out of everyone’s love for the craft, it’s also in following the creativity of so many talented artists. Jesse Feyereisen is no stranger to the Platypod family, but for this image he had a fun challenge – What could he do with the combination of Platypod and Lume Cube products?

Well, throw in a Canon and a Tamron 24-70mm lens and here are the results. Technology never slows down, but neither does Jesse! If he’s not already on your radar, follow him on Instagram – he’s always sharing images that leave you wondering, how did he do that?


Are You Not Entertained?
By Jesse Feyereisen

For this little project, I wanted to stylistically recreate the blazing sunlight, and hazy heat one might find in a Roman colosseum or battlefield. To do this, I needed light and lots of it. Or, just enough for an action figure at least.

So, I grabbed a pair of Lume Cube 2.0s and Lume Cube RGB Panel Pros. I surrounded the figure with one panel, two cubes and bounce cards to help soften the light. The final panel is placed behind the figure and pointed up to illuminate a white background.

The figure itself is setup on an apple box and placed on some kinetic sand. My camera is then tethered to my laptop, mounted on a Platypod Ultra (with a Platyball Elite ball head) which helped me achieve that nice low angle. I sprayed a bit of Atmosphere Aerosol studio smoke while using a slower shutter speed to get a nice hazy and humid look.

In post, I started off by using Photoshop to do a quick sky replacement. Then used Boris FX Optics to add some additional lighting effects to help sell the final look. I finished off in Lightroom with a slight color grade and crop.

Canon EOS-R + Tamron 24-70mm, 1/4 sec, f/5.6, ISO 100