Platypod and Unique Perspectives with Gilmar Smith

Words by Gilmar Smith - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"Platypod has opened up new possibilities for my photography by allowing me to place my camera in tight spaces, low angles, and very unconventional positions to get the most unique perspectives."

Through the years I have placed my Platypod gear:
Inside the dishwasher

In the microwave


In the fridge

In the oven


In the dryer

AND even in the toilet!


WAIT... that's not right! I didn't really put my camera in the toilet, but I truly made you believe I did, right!?

"So, if you find yourself lacking inspiration for your next photography "home" adventure, get your Platypod and see how many different and unique perspectives you can get to document your and or your family's daily life in a new fun way! This challenge will turn your mundane life into a cinematic adventure!"

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