Platypod at the CanAm Expo - April 18, 2021

Get ready for a serious dose of inspiration and education! On Sunday, April 18, Platypod will be presenting at the CanAm Virtual Expo. Featuring amazing educators and 21 classes, this virtual expo is a great way to sharpen your photography skills from the safety of your own home!

Founder and creator of Platypod, Larry T will be closing the conference on Sunday afternoon, April 18 and demonstrating how Platypod can expand virtually every niche of photography.

In his 90 minute presentation, he will show fascinating examples of how Platypod can help you utilities dynamic angles in portraiture, landscape, wildlife, macro, closeup photography, and more!

Below is an excerpt from SkipCohenUniversity describing the conference in more detail.

"Long before the pandemic, we'd all experienced online education, but safety and social distancing has created an entirely new level of quality programming over the last year. "E-learning" is a buzzword regularly in our vocabulary. Coming up on April 16-18, circle the dates for CanAm Expo - three days of intense opportunities to help you fine-tune your skillset and raise the bar on the quality of your images."

"Dr. T" will be presenting a ninety-minute program on the last day of the conference featuring dozens of photographers using Platypod in a long list of different applications. Together with Shiv Verma, they'll share dozens of "how-to" tips to help change your perspective in portraiture, landscape, wildlife, macro, closeup, and even working with flash."

Register for your spot at the conference here!