Platypod eXtreme is Balanced and Sturdy for lighting with Eddie Tapp

Words by Eddie Tapp
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"Having to travel to (and being) on location I realized that I would face several challenges. One of the largest challenges was to get a rack of clothing and a plethora of equipment up a very long set of stairs. Another concern was not knowing if parking would be close to the photoshoot location being in such a busy area.

"So after much deliberation, we chose to take minimum clothing and equipment. I knew how I wanted the lighting set up at this shoot because I've tested and used this lighting style in the past. For this location the Red Door was our backdrop and we had positioned our model (Eugenia) in front of that door in a power stance. After setting up my camera and staging the shoot, I reached for my trusty Platypod eXtreme to set up my lighting. In typical Platypod fashion, the balance was strong, sturdy and amazing. I even attempted to "rock & roll" the Platypod but it was crazy solid."

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